Bura Sensei

Chief Instructor of JKA Denmark

8.dan JKA

Bura Sensei started his career in Budo at the age of 20 with Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, where he became 1.Dan in both arts. As an instructor in Judo Sensei attended training in Germany, where he for the first time tried karate, which was Goju-Ryu. This was in 1963. Sensei  requested Okamoto Sensei 4.Dan Gojo-Ryu, if he would come to Denmark, and in 1964 Sensei was graduated 1. Dan Goju-Ryu as the first and only in Denmark.

The year after in 1965 proved to be the year where Sensei found what he had been searching for, which was: JKA Shotokan karate-do. This was made possible by the fact that Kobayashi Sensei 5.Dan visited Denmark in 1965 as an observer for JKA to determine the basis for JKA Shotokan karate in Denmark. After only 2 hours of training under Kobayashi sensei, Bura Sensei was convinced, and this made JKA Shotokan Karate a reality in Denmark.

Some months after this, Watanabe Sensei 4.Dan was seconded by JKA, and was here for 3 months where Sensei received intensive training 6 hours a day and achieved here as the first in the north to be graded 1.Dan of JKA Shotokan karate, this happened in May 1965.

Kobayashi Sensei returned in 1967 and was here for 10 months. JKA Shotokan karate was further developed and DKF (Danish Karate Federation) was created for the first time with Kobayashi Sensei as Chief Instructor, and in November Bura Sensei was 2.Dan.  

Denmark participated this year in its first European Championship in Vienna, where Sensei achieved 4.place. In 1969 it the first Danish Championship were held under DKF where Sensei won both Kata and Kumite.

In December 1972 Sensei became 3.Dan. At this time there were only 5 other people in Europe who were 3.Dan of JKA Shotokan karate.

The year after the World Cup was held in Japan, and the Danish team was recieved 5íth in Kata which led to Senseiís special invitation to the annual University Championship with numerous and highly differentiated participants.

Here Sensei achieved perhaps his best and most memorable rich championship by filling 1.place in Kumite, which was a big surprise to the other participants who had not expected competition from a European.

In 1975 Sensei traveled to Japan to try out for 4.Dan. To go to Honbu dojo as 3.Dan and a European calls for a great self-confidence, and will make you find out what JKA stands for.

If one is not karate-ka of all ones heart, one should not tread the JKA Honbu dojo.

Sensei spent, as expected, all his perseverance and ambition during training, which was hard and intense in every way during the 4 hours of training per day towards graduation.

A week before graduation Sensei was injured during training, and at the next training Sensei was denied access by the JKA doctor, but graduation was for Sensei a must, and Sensei fought beyond all expectations in both Kihon, Kata and kumite, which proves his stamina and fighter's heart.

The following week Sensei received the information that he was now 4. Dan JKA.

Following Sensei's 4.Dan graduation in Japan was a major development in JKA Shotokan karate in Denmark by Tanaka Sensei, after many offers from other countries, chose Denmark because of the discipline and respect the students showed. In the intervening years JKA was renewed and developed, and this meant among other things, a European Championship and 2 third places for the teams at the Euro Championships and many other good results for the Danish fighters.

Sensei was in 1982 graduated 5.Dan JKA as one of the few recognized JKA instructors outside of Japan.

This was the history of Sensei's career in Budo and JKA.

There have been many notable achievements and experiences since Sensei started JKA in Denmark. Sensei is highly respected for his public policy position at the spread of JKA Shotokan karate in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe.

All Danish karate-ka have enormous trust and respect towards Sensei, how can anyone feel differently when you've seen Sensei with all his heart and soul lead the JKA Denmark, with incredible determination and idealism and extensive knowledge in karate-do. We thank you for the fruitful learning and feel all indebted to you.

Domo arrigato Gozaimashita




Japan Karate Association


Hereby brings huge news





Chief Instructor of JKA Denmark, Bura Sensei, has been promoted to 8th Dan.

This happened Saturday, February 14. 2015 at a JKA Japan Shihankai gathering.


This is a great, good and welcoming news for all who practice JKA karate-Do. A great tribute to Bura Sensei for his enormous work for Karate in Denmark, and especially in JKA-Europe in general, where Bura Sensei is the technical director.

Not only is Bura Sensei 8th Dan JKA, but as the first and only one in the world Bura Sensei is 8th Dan in the 4 World Federations: JKA, JKA WF, WUKF and UWK.


JKA Denmark wishes Bura Sensei congratulations on the well-deserved 8th Dan. Achieving 8th Dan is indescribable and that Denmark has such a capacity is simply amazing and gratifying for all of us who researches and train in this noble art form.

Congratulations again to Bura Sensei, JKA Denmark.